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Airside Facilities

The airport was built in 1960. Since then, Twenty-seven (27) privately owned hangars and twenty (20) T-hangars have been added to the property. The airport is currently operating as a one runway system with supporting taxiways that provide access to the terminal area and other airfield structures.


The primary runway at Grove, Runway 18/36, is 5,200 feet in length and 75 feet in width. It is constructed of asphalt and offers a main landing gear gross weight bearing capacity of 30,000 pounds for aircraft with single-wheel landing gear. The runway is equipped with a Medium Intensity Runway Light (MIRL) light system and a four-light Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) located left of and approximately 600 feet from each runway end. The runway currently has non-precision instrument markings.


Additional airside facilities include the taxiway system and its connectors that allow access between the runway and landside facilities. The parallel taxiway which currently is not marked, but is referred to as Taxiway “A”, is located on the east side of the runway and offers seven connectors “A-1” through “A-7”. An additional connecting taxiway provides access to Runway 36 and the west side hanger area. These taxiways provide for the safe movement of aircraft to and from the primary runway, on the ground and other landside facilities. All taxiways are 35 feet wide, constructed of asphalt, and have centerline stripping. There are additional taxilanes which provide access and movement around the various hanger areas.


The terminal parking area is approximately 119,525 square feet and offers approximately 40 tie-down spaces for both based and itinerant aircraft. The apron is on the southern end of the airport on the east side.

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Landside Facilities

General Aviation Terminal – Photos

The general aviation terminal is located on the west side of the airport. The terminal provides a pilot lounge, meeting area, rest room facilities, and houses the airport manager. Also provided on the airports west side are two courtesy cars, 24/7 after-hours facility, catering services and two fuel trucks.


There is currently one (1) FBO hangar, three (3) T-hangar structures (two 6-unit and one 8-unit), and 24 executive/individual hanger structures on the airfield. These hangars are at full capacity and located along Taxiway “A” on the south end of the airport on both the east and west sides.

Fuel Facility

There are two underground fuel storage tanks located just southwest of the terminal facility on the southeast side of the aircraft parking apron. The tanks consist of one Jet-A with a capacity of 12,500 gallons and one AVGAS/100LL with a 12,500 gallon capacity. The Airport Authority owns the fuel and fuel tanks but has contracted with the FBO to dispense and pump the fuel to needing aircraft.

Fixed Based Operator (FBO)

The full service FBO offers maintenance for single and twin-engine aircraft. A courtesy car is available for pilots and rental cars can be arranged, if needed by calling 918-786-6159. Jet “A” fuel and aviation gas (branded fuel only) can be purchased, self-serve or full service.

AWOS – Automated Weather Observation System

The Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) is located at approximately the midpoint of the runway on the est side of the airfield. The AWOS is a group of sensors, which measure, collect and disseminate weather data observations, minute-by-minute, 24 hours a day, to help pilots and flight dispatchers prepare and monitor weather forecasts, plan flight routes, and provide necessary information for takeoffs and landings. This information is received and transmitted via discrete VHF radio frequencies (119.025) through the voice portion of a local NAVAID or local telephone line.

Vehicle Access
Access to the airport terminal area, and east side hangers is provided by Airport Road (identified as N4640 Rd. on Google maps) via State Highway 25, while access to the west side hangars is provided by West Airport Road, via State Highway 25.

Pilot lounge

Fuel truck

Airport Managing Authority


The Grove Municipal Airport Managing Authority (GMAMA), a public authority established by the City of Grove, Delaware County, Oklahoma, to operate, manage and own public property known as the Grove Regional Airport, publishes notices to the public of its regularly scheduled meetings.

Regular Meetings will be held at 9:00 a.m. on the 2nd Monday of each month, in the City Council Chambers of the City of Grove. If the 2nd Monday should occur on a holiday or a day observed as a holiday, the meeting will be on Tuesday, the next day, at the same time and place.

Special Meetings may be held from time to time. Notice of Special Meetings will be posted 48 hours in advance at the places shown below.


Your Title Goes Here
Jeannie Wheatley

#3 Secretary/Treasurer
Contact: 918-791-5433
Expiration: 8/31/2022

Berwin Kock

#2 Vice Chairman
Contact: 918-325-0118
Expiration: 8/31/2023

Mark Lee

#4 Trustee
Contact: 918-786-9016
Expiration: 8/31/2024

Julie McCarthy

#4 Trustee
Contact: 918-787-2440
Expiration: 8/31/2025

Monte Meier

#5 Trustee
Contact: 580-222-1160
Expiration: 8/31/2025

Any of the listed members may be contacted by the public for information or matters to be placed on the agenda for meetings.


Meeting Agendas

July 17, 2024, Special Session Meeting Agenda



Airport Manager

Lisa M. Jewett

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Airport Improvements

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Improvement Plan

The National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS) identifies nearly 3,400 existing and proposed airports that are significant to national air transportation and thus eligible to receive Federal grants under the Airport Improvement Program (AIP). It also includes estimates of the amount of AIP money needed to fund infrastructure development projects that will bring these airports up to current design standards and add capacity to congested airports. The FAA is required to provide Congress with a 5-year estimate of AIP eligible development every 2 years. The NPIAS comprises all commercial service airports, all reliever airports, and selected general aviation airports.

Current Project

Runway Rehab Project to include all new LED runway and taxiway lights; REEL (runway end indicator lights). Construction to start spring 2022.

Economic Development

Grove Regional Airport is critical to major employers in the city. During the construction of the new hospital, it was utilized by several contractors, and is often used by the medical community. Many local doctors own hangars and store their planes at the airport, as well as many visiting medical professionals fly in and out of the airport.

Several companies in the Grove area such as Precision Communications, Jacobs Manufacturing, Malone Manufacturing, Applied Products and Ratcliff Ranch have aircraft for their businesses and base them at the Grove Airport. Simmons and Pride Plating rely on the airport to fly staff and equipment to sites all over the country.

As a retirement and tourist community, the airport is vital to those traveling to and from Grove, as well as those who own lake homes here.

Many emergency transfer services such as Eagle Med Life Flight land their helicopters and planes on the runway to meet ambulances in order to transfer patients.

Approximately forty acres are available for future expansion and additional development for commercial or industrial businesses. Since the property is located within the city limits of Grove, all city services, such as utilities, are available. This property can purchased or leased. Contact the Airport Manager’s office for more information.


Grove Airport Support Organization (GASO)

The Grove Airport Support Organization (GASO) was founded by area pilots, business owners and citizens with an interest in supporting our local airport. Their goal is to continue to show what a valuable asset the airport is to the community and for those who use it to conduct business, people traveling and/or vacationing on Grand Lake or those who own lake homes in the area. Yearly events such as a Fly-In Breakfast and Fly-By-the Pound are hosted by GASO.

Get in Touch

335 Airport Dr., Grove, OK  74344

(918) 786-6150